LESS IS MORE! #Cologne

Guys, please, I beg you…stop wearing cologne.

Okay, maybe not completely. But when men wear cologne, they tend to bathe in it. Rarely do you find a man who knows how much to wear. You guys tend to do all or nothing.

It’s okay to wear cologne just not more than 2 sprays in 24 hours or before you shower again.

Don’t get me wrong, us women like associating you with certain scents. We enjoy your scent mixed with your subtle cologne on our pillows, neck, hair, heck even our bra ;)

But when it’s too much, like more than 2 sprays, then it makes us feel like we just hooked up with some greasy douchebag who’s too lazy to take a shower.

60% of the time, it doesn’t work! #sexpanther #anchorman




My Spring Beauty Buys…

Spring is my favorite season of the year and it’s right around the corner!

Just like the September issue, I love the March issue of every fashion magazine because it’s filled with Spring trends and colors. As much as I love to wear black and white, I love me some colors…bold colors to be exact. What can I say; I’m a true Aries.

Here are some of the beauty products I’ve added to my collection. I wanted to give the girls a heads up since a lot of these products and colors are quickly selling out in stores.

Hope you ladies enjoyed my detailed Spring beauty 411 post. I’d love to hear back from you, so please keep me posted if you try any of these products!

xoxo~ aNNa Kachikyan

The Perfect Outfit, For The Perfect Occasion

black white red outfit This outfit was a last minute, in a rush kinda look that turned out to be one of my favs.

I was rushing out the door to go apartment hunting with my family and I found out my 7-year-old fashionista niece, Lilly, was going to join us. Right away, I knew I had to put on a good, if not decent, outfit to avoid Lilly’s style criticism.

I bought the red and off-white shirt by Kensie back in August. It was one of those pieces in my closet that I was waiting for that perfect occasion to wear to and ended up wearing it on impulse. I paired it with my favorite leggings by Yummie Tummie. The blazer is an absolute staple in my closet from Urban Outfitters. The black and white handbag and booties are from Zara

Lilly totally approved of my look and I asked her to take a picture of my outfit. Yes, these photos were taken by a 7-year-old!

The best part of the day was when I found out that it was my aunt and uncles 33-year wedding anniversary that day! So this outfit wasn’t a waste after all, it was the perfect occasion. We ended up celebrating their union by going to dinner with the fam.

Lilly ordered chicken fingers with fries at dinner. The little kid next to our table ordered the same a bit later. Lilly said he copied her order and I told her that he didn’t copy you, you inspired him to get chicken fingers. So I hope my look inspires women to get out there and get the same look!

xoxo~ aNNa Kachikyan

stylehaus, it’s not just a store at The Grove…

photo: Racked LA

photo: Racked LA

I attended the grand opening of what I thought was a new store at The Grove, called stylehaus.

Right before I arrived, my right ring finger got smashed in a heavy door. So I walked into stylehaus with a big bag of ice (not looking sassy at all!). Immediately, everybody was happy to greet me by extending their hand out to shake my hand with the freshly injured finger. So I went for it, being the trooper that I am, hoping nobody squeezes my hand too hard. Luckily, only one man did…but I lived.

The moment I entered the salon, Marina Monroe, one of the co-founders of stylehaus walked up to welcome me. She was obviously dressed to the nines. She was also wearing the Miu Miu bow booties I’ve been drooling over for months!

As Marina begin to tell me about stylehaus, I quickly realized…holy shit, this isn’t just some store at The Grove. This is a goldmine of fashion for average women like us!

Basically stylehaus is like having your very own stylist 24/7 for an affordable price. The stylists who work with Marina close down the place, sit down with you, pull any piece for you, break down your look, and get you what you need…all while playing dress up!

Here’s the catch! stylehaus is MEMBERSHIP ONLY. You must apply for a memebership and the stylehaus team will have to pick you. The fee for an annual membership is approx. $3/day…that’s $1,000/year.

My personal guess is that since stylehaus is still new, you probably will get picked if you apply now! You can apply here.

Side-note: what I liked most about Marina was when we were chatting, she said that she wants to teach women that they can mix high and low priced items together.  To mix and match! This coming from a woman who has all the fashion at her fingertips. Speaking of fingertips, my finger has completely healed since then.

xoxo~ aNNa Kachikyan



From one woman to another…


A good friend of mine said something to me this morning that got me thinking all day.

“He’s a good problem to have.”


For some of you out there, this might really help put things into perspective.

xoxo~ aNNa Kachikyan

How I Do My Own Glitter Nails!

glitter nailpolish nail polishes

Little nail secret for all those who love to play with nail polish…

Wear two coats of glitter polish on top of a single base layer and everybody will not only be complimenting, but will also be wondering if those are gel nails you’ve got on.

The downside to this beauty trick is that it takes FOREVER to remove the glitter polish. Only do this when you’ve got time and patience.

The upside is that you get jelly looking nails PLUS money and a trip saved to the salon. I’d say the upside is way worth the downside!

I have on: my nail protector Nailtiques Formua 1, a single layer of Revlon Gold Coin 925, two layers of Milani Gems 530, and my top coat Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. You can find all these products at any drugstore, I myself prefer Target.

You can play with any base color or glitter shade as you wish. Sky’s the limit when you’re at a drugstore.

I want to hear your feedback after you try this nail look. So drop me a comment below!

xoxo~ aNNa Kachikyan

UPDATE: This glitter nail-do lasted me exactly 2 weeks!

Layer It!

I love to layer clothes!

If you live anywhere in the world where air conditioning exists then you must embrace layering.

What layering means is you start with one piece of clothing and just keep piling on the layers of pieces. Sounds annoying? Well it wont be annoying when you step outside and it’s freezing but you’ve got enough layers on to keep you warm. Then you get into your car, crank up the heater and take couple of layers off. Then you walk into a building and the AC is on, in which case you have to put the layers back on. This is a constant thing people do without even realizing that they’re doing it!

I realize it and I embrace it by carefully picking out my layers to have fun with it.

I have on my (favorite) MTV t-shirt on from Urban Outfitters. On top I have on my (favorite) Madewell chambray shirt. And then I have on my (favorite) Gap vest. (I’m not kidding when I say all those three items are my favorites). I paired my layers with my light wash Joe’s Jeans because it was a day time outfit. I chose to go with my cream Zara boots because they were new and I couldn’t resist the urge to wear them STAT! Plus, it was the perfect LA weather to wear booties– chilly but warm if under the sun =) This handbag has been in my closet for years. I don’t even remember where or how much I got it but I love it! My sunglasses are Ray-Ban but the lenses are custom made to fit my prescription ..because I’ll never go walking around blind, God forbid I miss something (nosey).

I was comfortable, warm, cool, and stylish!

xoxo~ aNNa Kachikyan


Christmas Sweaters Don’t Have To Be UGLY!

This was my ugly Christmas sweater this year!

xmas ugly sweater collage

I know, I know it isn’t so ugly. As a matter of fact, I got compliments on how cute my sweater was. But let’s get serious…who would wear a sweater like this every day?! Nobody! (I hope).  This was the perfect costume sweater.
I was invited to a Christmas party where the hostess had asked guests to wear ugly Christmas sweaters and I participated.

So next time you’re invited to a costume party, don’t hesitate.  It’s totally possible to join the fun, look stylish, and still stay within budget.

The sweater I’m wearing is from Urban Outfitters and it only cost me $30!

Message me, I will gladly help you find your ugly Christmas sweater.


xoxo~ aNNa Kachikyan

“Please take responsibility for the energy that you bring into this space” -Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor

That’s right. Negative energy is not welcome on my site. I will kick you off with kindness.take responsiblity for ur energy quoteThis may not be my physical home. But this is my cyber home. And truth is, we spend more time at our cyber home than our actual physical home these days. So watch what you bring to my space. If you don’t like it, then go away. If you like it, drop a comment below my posts. I welcome criticism that’s going to make me and my cyber home a better place. Anything but positive change, “bugger off” as my English friend Natasha would say!

xoxo~ aNNa Kachikyan

Celebrating Mexican Independence Day!

On Saturday, September 15 I went to the Conga Room in LA Live. It was my first time there and coincidentally they were celebrating Mexican Independence Day that night. The place was full of people, majority Latinos. The club has multiple rooms with different DJ’s playing different music. So we were in and out of different rooms, sweating, dancing, and enjoying the culture. The vibe was different. It was, for once, a change from the stereotypical “Hollywood” scene that I’m so used to having grown up in LA. Once the mariachi band came on, it was party time. Everybody was enjoying themselves and the people around them. No judgement, no hate…just pure love for life, music and culture.

Highly recommend checking out The Conga Room whether you’re visiting LA or  a local. Do something different for a change!

PS- I’m a Prince Royce fan now!  PRINCE ROYCE – Incondicional

xoxo~ aNNa Kachikyan